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Taigh an Fiosaich (Angus Maclean).JPG

Taigh ’An Fiosaich and Eaglais ’An Fiosaich 

Enjoy this dramatic view south but take extreme care in and around cliff edges.  There are high and vertical drops. 


The ruins you see here are a house, Taigh ’An Fiosaich, and a church, Eaglais ’An Fiosaich. Both are attributed to John Nicholson and built in the 18th century.  John was a Baptist minister who, although originally from Ness, had emigrated to America.  When he returned to Ness with his American wife, Nora Barney Cushing, they set up Edgemoor Hall where they had their home and a church.  Many local children would attend the Sunday School there.  The couple later set up another church at ‘Filiscleitir’, known now as ‘Eaglais ‘An Fiosaich’. 


He built the church to hold services for the locals who were at the shielings.  Hymns would have rung out over this landscape, which was unusual at that time, as only gaelic psalms were sung in the nearby community.  Crofters were also baptised in a moorland loch called ‘Loch Haragrow’.


You can read more about this interesting man in the Comunn Eachdraidh Nis publication entitled ‘John ‘An Fiosaich Nicholson’ which is available in the Archive section of the museum or to purchase for £8 (paper copy) or £6 (digital download).  You can also purchase the exclusive ‘Soirèe’ Essence of Harris home fragrance range inspired by Nora Barney Cushing’s ‘Soirèe’ and learn the story behind this beautiful scent: 

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