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Our Story

Oighreachd Ghabhsainn – 56,000 acairean de thalamh agus is ann leinne a tha e. (community ownership)  

Machair gu mòinteach, chì sibh ar cultar air a shealltainn sna dòighean traidiseanta a tha againn an seo. Chì sibh iomadh pìos eachdraidheil mu na daoine a thàinig romhainn agus na dh’fhàg iad againn chun an latha an-diugh. Gach latha, tha sinn a’ cumail ar cultar beò, le ar cuid croitearachd a tha beò fhathast agus a’ dol fhathast.

Giving Back

Gaze up towards our endless sky, where the daylight can stretch for eighteen hours in the summer, but where the depth of the darkness is just as mesmerising. 

Spot white-tailed eagles soaring on the thermals, gannets diving from our rocky outcrops, and the northern lights leaping across the inky canvas of the night.

Listen carefully – do you hear it?  Scottish Gaelic is alive here. We are not hushed.  Feel the strength of our dialect, as powerful as the roar of our rains, winds and waves.  Understand our sense of place and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds that form part of our unique community.   

Bear witness to the achievements of our ancestors, from the dizzying heights of the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse to the mystery of Steinacleit.  Stir your emotions in the ruins of Dùn Èistean, once a stronghold of the mighty Clan Morrison.  


Feel connected to our prevailing spiritual history in our medieval churches and chapels, some of which hold steadfast to this day.  Brush your hands over the carpet of wildflowers that bloom on the machair.  Harness the buzz of our traditional music, and join in as the seafoam on the shore dances on our wild and wintry winds.

Is e seo ar fearann, agus tha e leibhse cuideachd.

This is our land, and we want to share it with you.

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