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Carthannas Nis - Charity Shop

Physical Shop

Web link:

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Shop Description

Carthannas Nis is a community charity shop based on Cross-Skigersta Road, Ness.


5 Cross Skigersta Road, Ness, HS2 0TD

Contact/Cuir Fios:

(01851) 810863

Opening Hours/Uairean Fosglaidh:

Tuesday – Saturday 11.00am – 4.00pm

Carthannas Nis accepts donations of clothes, books, furniture and household goods. Anything in good condition is sold in the shop and clothing, shoes and bags are sent to Blythswood Care as donations or for recycling. The funds generated by Carthannas Nis are donated to Bethesda Hospice, Blythswood Care and to various local causes.

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