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Port Stoth Beach


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The furthest north beach on the Estate is also one of our favourite hidden gems with a rich history.

A wee slice of paradise that could be mistaken for a beach in the Maldives, Port Stoth has beautiful white sands, turquoise waters and is nestled amongst stunning cliffs. This makes it a sheltered sun trap, just out of the wind.
Port Stoth is within walking distance from a very small parking area. The ground is uneven and there is space for only two or three cars to park - it is not advisable for any bigger vehicles or campers. It is possible for bigger vehicles to park in the villages of Eoropie or Lionel, and to walk to the beach.

A track at Stoth leads down to a slipway which runs across the sandy beach, which helped when all the materials for the construction of the lighthouse (between 1859 and 1862) were brought by ship and landed in Port Stoth, due to lack of road infrastructure. The port continued to play an important role in bringing supplies to the lighthouse until about 1960. Supplies and fuel were brought in small cargo vessels when the weather allowed, and were unloaded in Port Stoth by crane. The concrete base still remains, as does a brick storage building.


Port Stoth, Isle of Lewis HS2 0XG, UK

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