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Dùn Bhuirgh

Historical Site

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Standing discreetly on a moorland hill in the village of Borve, this once spectacular fort has been in ruins since the 1700s.

Dùn Bhuirgh was built on a high elevation and anyone approaching from land or by sea would have been able to see it. This ancient broch was 30 feet in inside diameter and had walls of 11 feet. It was circular in plan and appears to have had 7 beehive cells in the thickness of the walls. It also had a large cell which was entered from the central area. In 1781, records show that it had fallen to ruins and was merely a pile of large stones, which did not match any of the stones which were quarried locally.

Translation: Dun Borve - Broch (Iron Age).


Borve, Isle of Lewis HS2 0RY, UK

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