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North Lewis Arts trail

Updated: May 20, 2021

There are too many local artists and craft-makers on the Estate to add them all here, so we're highlighting a few along the route from Barvas to Port of Ness. Some you can visit in their shops and studios, and some you can order form online.

1. Morven Gallery - Barvas

Update April 2021 - COVID-19 - Please contact the gallery for visiting arrangements.

A brilliant showcase of both local and national lively contemporary art work can be found displayed in the spacious, well-lit converted stone steadings.

Instagram: @morvengallery

2. Alice Mac Prints - Shader (Online)

Artist, printmaker and designer working principally with linocuts. Designs reflect specific places, flora and fauna of the Western Isles and the artist's memories of childhood in Lewis and Harris.

Instagram: @alicemacprints

4. Elaine Murray - Shader (online)

Elaine's work explores the intersection between fragility and power within the shifting weather patterns upon remote environments that are continuously shaped, dominated and often isolated by the elements.


Instagram: @elainemurrayart

4. Borgh Pottery - Borve

Update April 2021 - COVID-19 - Please contact the pottery for visiting arrangements.

Hand-thrown pottery and gift shop. Handthrown and glazed using traditional techniques, each Borgh Pottery piece is unique, and takes approximately three weeks to complete from start to finish. Borgh pottery pieces are designed for everyday use.

Facebook: @BorghPottery

5. Greenall ODell Studio - Dell

Greenall's painting and drawings are infused with a knowledge and understanding of light and its happy accidents. Mixing his own colours from raw pigments and blending mediums such as wax, resin, oil and egg tempera. ODell has returned to the studio on a more full time basis. Working from notebook studies in pencil, the work is then carried forward in the studio using handmade resin tempera, highlighted with soft pastel.


6. Modren - Cross (Online)

Modern handcrafted bags, made in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. 

Combining iconic Harris Tweed, often woven by the family, with luxurious leathers and artisan fabrics, Modren bags are carefully crafted and designed to last.


Instagram: @madebymodren

7. Tiger Textiles - Online

Alison’s artwork is inspired by her native Hebridean heritage, Gaelic culture and natural surroundings. She offers a range of products including popular hand-painted wall blocks, artwork consisting of hand-drawings, collages and embroidery and embroidered and digitally printed fabrics.

Facebook: @Tigertextiles

8. Christina's Harris Tweeds - Online

Independent Harris Tweed Weaver. Beautiful colours which change with the seasons and can be seen within many of their finished tweeds, but mainly drawn to the more vibrant colours - neon pinks, yellows, purples, sky blue. They make many different patterns from classic herringbones to stripes and their classic patchwork.

9. Callicvol Quilts - Port of Ness

Quilt-maker Janet Robson has been enthralled by fabric, pattern and colour since her early childhood years. Whether your taste is original, traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, they can work with you to find the right design and colours to suit your needs.

10. Adabrock Weaving company

Pure Virgin Scottish wool, dyed, spun and then handwoven in to the the most exquisite Harris Tweed, as beautiful as the Hebridean Islands themselves. Woven by hand at Adabrock... on an old Hattersley loom, called Agnes, from where you can see the ocean, the skies and the ancient cliffs! A Tweed whose design is as fresh as the sea air, colour that takes its inspiration from the stunning light and shade and of course, the landscape.

​Traditional in every way, yet contemporary by design!

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